Leveraging the Voice of your Customer with the Power of Remote Capture 1 year ago

Elevate Your Customer Voice with SlapFive Customer Content. SlapFive makes it drop-dead simple to Capture your customer stories in audio, video and text, in your customers’ own voice; Manage and organize all you customer content assets in a central place; and Publish them to any channel, web or mobile property as customer proof.

The future is all about true authentic customer voice

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, capturing authentic customer voices and leveraging them effectively has become essential for driving growth and building strong customer relationships. Traditional video production processes can be time-consuming and costly, often requiring professional crews and equipment. However, with the advent of remote capture technologies like SlapFive, organizations can now easily and efficiently collect customer testimonials, stories, and feedback without the need for elaborate setups. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of remote capture and how SlapFive can revolutionize your customer voice strategy. Learn more in a use case LinkedIn post shared as well.

Support Demand Generation and Fuel Campaigns with the Voice of your Customers

Remote capture with SlapFive empowers organizations to support their demand generation efforts by pumping fuel into their campaigns. By sending prompts to customers who have a great perspective on a particular theme, challenge, or value proposition, organizations can gather compelling stories and use them in emails, landing pages, and sales follow-up tools. These authentic customer voices serve as powerful social proof and can significantly impact campaign performance. Here are some amazing examples of powerful and high performing prompt questions to ask your customers.

Activate Customer Voice to Drive Customer Expansion Efforts

SlapFive and its remote capture capability enables organizations to drive customer expansion efforts by leveraging customer success stories and best practices. By sending prompts to customers who have successfully expanded their usage of the product or service, organizations can inspire and guide other customers to adopt quicker, explore new areas, or utilize advanced features. The captured insights can be shared with customer success managers, who can then use them to inspire and guide their customers.

Reinforce Thought Leadership with Customer Voice

With SlapFive, organizations can reinforce their thought leadership position in the market. By sending prompts to forward-thinking customers, organizations can gather their perspectives on industry issues and their thoughts on the company’s position on those issues. These stories and insights serve as proof points that validate the organization’s thought leadership and can be used to amplify its messaging.

Awards & Recognition Programs

You can enhance organizations’ awards and recognition programs by capturing nominations and submissions directly from customers. By sending prompt groups to gather nominations, organizations can create boards for judges to review and select winners. Following the selection, winners can be asked to share what winning the award means to them, and these stories can be used to promote their success and future programs, further building brand reputation and voice of your customer.

Customer and Industry Conferences

Remote capture technology provides an excellent opportunity to engage customers and industry experts at conferences. Organizations can send prompts to conference speakers to record teaser videos about their upcoming presentations, generating excitement and increasing attendance. Additionally, organizations can collect post-conference feedback from attendees, capturing their thoughts and experiences to promote future events.

Engage Your Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Throughout the Year

Enhance your CAB program by leveraging remote capture. By posing thought-provoking questions to CAB members between meetings, organizations can keep them engaged and gather valuable insights. The responses can be compiled into boards and shared with the CAB members, facilitating peer-to-peer engagement and promoting active participation throughout the year.

Community and Peer-to-Peer Engagement

Using remote capture customer voice with SlapFive helps fosters community and peer-to-peer engagement. Organizations can use the captured customer voices to create boards that allow customers to connect, learn from each other, and share their experiences. This engagement strengthens the community and builds a sense of camaraderie among customers, leading to increased loyalty and advocacy.

Showcase Subject Matter Experts

SlapFive enables organizations to showcase their subject matter experts by capturing their insights and expertise. By sending prompts to these experts, organizations can gather their perspectives on industry-related topics, reinforcing their position as thought leaders. These stories and insights can be shared on social media, community portals, and other channels to highlight the expertise within the organization.

Welcome New Customers and Build Competitive Edge

Capturing the voice of your customers remotely can play a crucial role in welcoming new customers and building a competitive edge in the market. By capturing a brief introduction from new customers, organizations can create boards that introduce them to the existing customer community. This fosters connections, helps new customers feel welcomed, and builds a competitive advantage by showcasing the breadth and diversity of the customer base.

Sales Win-Wire and Proof Points

SlapFive enables organizations to capture customer voice during and after the onboarding process, creating sales win-wires and proof points. By sending prompts to customers after they have successfully onboarded, organizations can capture their experiences and testimonials. These win-wires and proof points can be shared internally to support sales efforts, knock down objections, and accelerate the onboarding of new sales representatives.

Drive Advocacy through Referrals and Remote Capture

Remote capture for Customer Voice with SlapFive can drive advocacy through referrals. By allowing customers to record videos, audio, or text about why their peers and network should consider the organization’s product or service, organizations can gather compelling content to support their referral programs. These authentic customer voices serve as powerful endorsements and can significantly impact referral conversions.

What innovative ways are you capturing Customer Voice?

The power of remote capture with SlapFive extends beyond traditional video production methods, enabling organizations to capture authentic customer voices seamlessly and at scale. By leveraging remote capture for demand generation, customer expansion, thought leadership, awards programs, conferences, CAB engagement, community engagement, subject matter expertise showcasing, welcoming new customers, sales win-wires, proof points, and advocacy, organizations can elevate their customer voice strategy and drive growth. SlapFive offers a user-friendly and scalable platform that empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their customer voices, fostering stronger customer relationships and establishing a competitive edge in the market.

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