Customer Campaigns

Plan and execute any type of customer program or workflow where you move customers or content through a pipeline, communicate with those customers and their trusted contacts,  and track their movement through a pipeline or funnel of stages.

Create a Campaign for any program or workflow

  • Recruit customers into your advocacy program.
  • Run expansion campaigns for cross-sell, upsell, new departments, or more users.
  • Streamline your content asset creation process.
  • Source new members for your Customer Advisory Board.
  • Coordinate customer interviews.
  • Get customers to write peer reviews on sites like TrustRadius, PeerSpot, and G2.

Customer Campaigns
Customer Campaigns - target customers

Target the right customers to add to the campaign

  • Search and filter to pick the right customers to target.
  • View their Member Profile to see how you’re currently engaging that customer in your programs.
  • Assign them to the right team member to manage.

Engage customers at each campaign stage

  • Communicate with the customers in the campaign via email, SMS, or Slack.
  • Seek approval from a customer’s Trusted Contact.
  • Track customer activities and increment engagement scores.

Customer Campaigns - engage customers
Customer Campaigns - Pipeline

Track movement through a pipeline or funnel

  • Define a different set of Stages for each type of Campaign.
  • Perform mass updates of many Campaign members at once.
  • Automate Stage advancement based on customer and trusted contact communications.