Customer Referral Programs

Target potential Customer Advisory Board members and recruit them into your program, communicate with them and track their response, and monitor their progress through your CAB pipeline stages. Engage CAB members between meetings to add more value for them and your company. Foster networking between CAB members.

Run a campaign to get customers to participate in your referral program

  • Add targeted customers to the campaign and invite them in.
  • Communicate with those customers and track their responses.
  • Track their response and progress through the campaign.
  • Send them a prompt to record a personal message and create a referral board.

Customer Referrals - campaign to get customers to participate
Customer Referrals - create Referral Boards

Generate Referral Boards for customers to make it easier for them to refer friends

  • Rather than asking your customers to give you the name and contact information of friends, easily create a Referral Board for each customer which they can send to their friends to decide if they want to learn more.
  • Put a call-to-action on the board for the friend to opt in to learn more.

Keep track of Customer Referrals received and where they stand in your funnel

  • Capture the Customer Referral information when your customer’s friend opts in or your customer gives you their contact information.
  • Use SlapFive’s Salesforce integration to create a Lead or Opportunity and track the progress of that referred customer through the sales cycle.
  • See the Opportunity Stage, Amount, and Closed Date.

Customer Referrals - keep track of referrals received
Customer Referrals - measure revenue influenced

Show revenue influenced by Customer Referrals

  • SlapFive automatically creates Influence Events in Salesforce, which you can view on each Opportunity influenced.
  • See the Opportunities influenced, their Stage and Amount.
  • View the a leaderboard of which customers are influencing the most closed deals.