Objection Crusher

Objection Crusher

Objections make your sellers’ knees buckle. Now your customer voice will crush the toughest objections.

Go From:

  • Frequent objections bring sales opportunities to a halt
  • Your sales reps fumble with how to respond to objections
  • Buyers are already skeptical, they don’t trust sales responses
  • A lot of wasted time scrambling around the company for ammunition

Go To:

  • Your customers explain how they’ve dealt with the underlying concern
  • Your sale reps quickly get the deal back on track
  • Buyers trust their peers, and appreciate their advice
  • Ammunition is at the fingertips of sellers, available 24×7

It’s time to give sales reps the best tools for overcoming objections: the customer voice

Ouch!! Just when the deal was put on the forecast, the buyer hears something that makes him nervous. A new question, fear or doubt emerges, bringing the deal to a halt. Most of the time, your buyer goes dark and you never hear from them again. If you’re lucky,
the buyer brings the objection to your sales rep. And the rep’s knees buckle as she fumbles the response.

No need to leave your reps out in the wild to fend for themselves. Every objection has an underlying cause. And most can be overcome. But buyers won’t trust your sales rep’s response, and flying an executive in doesn’t help. Let your customers explain, in their own voice, how they overcame that concern, or why that was never a concern for them. And BOOM!! Objection crushed.

Objection Crusher

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Objection Crusher

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