Peer Review Programs

Your leadership team always wants more 5-star peer reviews on TrustRadius, G2, PeerSpot, Gartner Peer Insights, and other sites. We can’t ask the same customer to write reviews on 4 or 5 sites. Use SlapFive to run your Peer Review Program. You can spin up any number of Peer Review Campaigns to target the sites that need reviews, target the right customers to write reviews on that site, track their progress, capture the answers once and let your customers copy and paste into each review site, and re-purpose great review content into reusable content assets.

Spin up a Peer Review Campaign (or two)

Peer Review Campaigns
Make it easier for customers to write peer reviews by capturing their answers once

Capture the customer's responses to review questions once and let them re-use those answers across all peer review sites

  • Use SlapFive’s standard library of peer review site questions.
  • Send these questions to customers so they can answer them once.
  • Put them on a storyboard for the customer to copy and paste into each peer review site.

Turn compelling quotes from peer review sites into reusable content assets

  • Simply highlight the text and click SlapFive’s Snagger Chrome extension.
  • Select the Prompt question and customer who wrote the reviews.
  • It automatically snags the peer review site and the review URL as the source of the quote.

Turn peer review quotes into reusable content assets
Publish peer review quotes with proper attribution

Publish compelling quotes with proper attribution back to the peer review site

  • Reuse each quote on any number of content assets.
  • Publish those assets to your website, blog, landing pages, microsites, and social properties.
  • Show the peer review site’s chicklet with a link back to the original review for proper attribution.