CustomerX Therapy Podcast with Dana & Kaily

CustomerX Therapy Podcast with Dana & Kaily

What is the CustomerX Therapy Podcast?

CustomerX Therapy is a podcast that brings CustomerX Pros to the therapy couch. We will dive into topics around being a one person team, how to launch successful programs, overcoming challenges with sales, and many many more. With a bit of fun and advice from your two resident therapists; Dana and Kaily.

Meet your Therapy Session Hosts

Dana has 15 years experience in the technology industry within sales, sales training, management, customer education and success. At SlapFive she am the Vice President of Customer Experience and lead the Customer Success function, along with Education and Advocacy. Dana is always striving to deliver an amazing customer experience by constantly improving, educating, and building customer focused programs and processes. She is customer obsessed, and a reality TV junkie!

Dana Alvarenga

Vice President of Customer Experience

Kaily is passionate about psychology, which has translated into her drive to harness sales and marketing approaches that align better with human behavior. She has enabled a variety of high-growth tech startups in pre and post-customer roles, including conducting in-depth Customer Insights and Buyer Persona research.

Kaily Baskett

Director of Revenue Growth