Generate Repeat Business with the Advocate Job Change Tracker

You’ve nurtured great relationships with your advocates, but inevitably they leave their companies for greener pastures. There’s no hotter prospect than an advocate who takes a job at a different company. With SlapFive’s Advocate Job Change Tracker, you can flag which advocates to track, get notified when they take a new job and add them to a Campaign, communicate with them at the right time to get them to bring you in to their new company, and track this as a revenue influence event.

Automate the process while applying your relationship capital

With the SlapFive Advocate Job Change Tracker, you let automation do the work, while you nurture your advocate relationships:

Advocate Job Change Tracker

How the SlapFive Advocate Job Change Tracker works

Generate Repeat Business with the Advocate Job Change Tracker:

  1. You determine which advocates you want to track. Typically it will be all the advocates you manage in SlapFive but you can target a subset if you choose. If you already have their LinkedIn profile URLs, great, we’ll use those. Otherwise the app looks them up using their name and company name.
  2. The app runs the first time to set the baseline for the current title and employer of each advocate you’re tracking by looking up their LinkedIn profile.
  3. The app runs again at the frequency you choose (we suggest every 2 weeks) to see if any of the advocates you’re tracking have added or changed their title or employer.
  4. When job changers are detected, they are added to your Advocate Job Changer Campaign in SlapFive, where you can review them, decide when would be the most appropriate time to reach out to them, communicate with them through SlapFive and capture their responses, and update their Status as you communicate.
  5. When the advocate expresses interest in bringing you into their new company, you set their Status to a corresponding value, which automatically creates a Lead or Opportunity in Salesforce, and connects their Campaign record in SlapFive to that Lead or Opportunity.
  6. The Lead or Opportunity is worked by the appropriate member of your sales team. If you choose to have the app create a Lead, then when the Lead is converted to an Opportunity, the app assigns Reveue Influence to the Opportunity. If you choose to create an Opportunity right away, the Revenue Influence is accrued right away.
  7. As the Opportunity progresses, the Campaign is automatically updated so you can keep track of the revenue you’re generating.
  8. You can also go into Salesforce at any time to see all the Opportunities that you’ve generated from advocate job changers.

Ready to Generate Repeat Business from Advocates who Change Jobs?