Sales Win Wire

Sales Win Wire

Now you can make it simple for all your sales reps learn from what your best reps do to differentiate and win.

Go From:

  • Struggling to get useful win/loss details from reps
  • Relying on hallway chatter to share winning strategies
  • The most helpful lessons stay locked away in the reps’ heads
  • Eating up valuable selling time to write a report

Go To:

  • Make it drop-dead simple for rep to share by talking into her phone
  • Move watercooler chatter into institutional knowledge
  • Newer reps ramp faster by learning from the masters’ heads
  • Make winning reps feel like rock stars

It’s time to unleash the voice of your best sales reps, and their secrets to winning

Every leadership team wants to gather win reports and get them out to the rest of the company, both to celebrate the win and to help newer reps ramp faster. But it’s a struggle to pull those stories out of the reps heads, in their own words, without asking them to sit down and write up their own report. And this eats into the most valuable sales resource you have – the time of your best reps.

Make it drop-dead simple for reps to tell their story and to disseminate it to the whole company. They get a prompt on their phone, answer a couple questions by talking into their phone, and Voila!, the Sales Win-Wire is done. And the rep is the star of the show.

Here’s an example of SlapFive drinking its own champagne, by creating a win wire for each major deal that we close.

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