The SlapFive Customer Marketing Software Platform

SlapFive has built the first Customer Marketing Software Platform.

Customer Marketing Software

The SlapFive Customer Marketing Software platform has the essential components to automate and scale everything that Customer Marketers and Customer Advocacy pros do every day:

The Customer Content module makes it drop-dead simple to Capture your customer stories in audio, video and text, in your customers’ own voice; Manage and organize those stories in a central place, Deliver them to any channel as customer proof points; and measure their impact on revenue.

The Customer Engagement & Advocacy module helps you easily Attract customers into your pipeline of targeted, nominated and invited members, Manage all aspects of customer membership in your program, and Engage your members by offering opportunities for customers to participate in acts of advocacy and interact with each other.

The Customer References module lets anyone in your company request customers or content, and makes it simple for you to coordinate the fulfillment of those requests and measure your performance.

The Salesforce App gives your sales reps a native-Salesforce experience to find customer references and content, make customer reference requests, see the status of those requests, and share content with prospects.

How SlapFive Works


  • Prompt customers to easily respond at their own convenience in text, audio or video format using their mobile phones.
  • Automatically send prompts based on trigger events in your CRM, marketing automation, or customer success apps so you can capture new stories 24×7.
  • Gather existing golden nuggets…those customer stories and assets that are hidden away on hard drives, in employee’s heads, in case studies and videos, or on social media.
  • Collect the spontaneous testimony given by customers every day during routine interactions with support, customer success, sales, and executives.
  • Interview customers to ask carefully crafted questions that align with the most significant QFDs of your key buyer personas.


  • Organize and tag customer success stories according to the factors that drive usage, such as stage of buying cycle, industry, company size, role/persona, business goal, geography, products owned, use case, etc.
  • Share customer feedback and insights within the company to inform product enhancements and customer experience improvements.
  • Auto-generate a new breed of authentic digital, audio and video “Boards and Cards” that assemble customer stories to solve the biggest obstacles and choke points in the marketing and sales process.


  • Have SlapFive render the “Customer Success Stories” section of your website with live, dynamic content that includes newly approved stories as they are collected.
  • Sprinkle customer voice widgets on specific pages of your website to provide proof of claims being made on that page.
  • Put the interactive “Boards and Cards” into the hands of your sales reps using the CRM or sales portal you want them in every day.
  • Inject text, audio or video customer stories into Powerpoint presentations or sales proposals so salespeople can play them live.
  • Publish customer stories on your marketing campaign landing pages to increase conversion rates on your calls-to-action.
  • Have your customers and employees share “Boards and Cards” on social media sites and profiles.


  • Any employee can easily share boards and stories with customers and prospects, and see who’s viewed which boards and stories.
  • Track your most viewed customers, stories, and boards to know what’s working and what’s not.
  • Board viewers can rate the usefulness of each story so you learn which stories are the most helpful and which are not.
  • Connect story consumption with sales Opportunities in to measure the impact on stage movement, win rates, and cycle times.

SlapFive’s measurement and analytics capabilities give you tremendous insight into who’s viewing, sharing, and finding usefulness in the content you’re delivering to prospects, customers, partners, and employees.  We allow you to drill down through several dimensions:

Prompts – Prompts are the questions customers respond to when contributing Stories:

  • How many times has each Prompt been sent?
  • How many people have responded to that Prompt by contributing a Story?
  • Which Prompts have the highest response rate? Lowest response rate?

Boards – Boards are collections of Stories for a particular purpose or use case:

  • How many people have viewed and shared each Board?
  • How many Story views have there been on each Board?
  • How many people have viewed each Story on this Board?
  • Who’s viewed this Board and how many times?

Stories – Stories are individual pieces of content captured from your customers and experts:

  • How many people have viewed and shared each Story?
  • Which Stories are being viewed and shared the most or the least?
  • Who’s viewed this Story?
  • How useful has each Story been rated?
  • Which Stories are viewers finding most useful? Least useful?

Customers – Look at viewership by the client, prospect, partner, or employee who created the Story:

  • How many people have viewed Stories captured from each Customer?
  • Which Customers are having the most viewing of their Stories? The least viewing?
  • How many people have viewed each Story captured from a Customer?

Viewers – Look at viewing behavior by viewer:

  • Who’s viewed Boards and Stories? Who’s viewed the most? The least?
  • Which Boards has this person viewed?
  • Which Stories has this person viewed?
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