The SlapFive Customer Marketing Software Platform

SlapFive has delivered the first and only end-to-end AI-powered Customer Marketing Software platform which automates and scales every workflow that Customer Marketing,  Customer Advocacy, and Customer Engagement pros do every day. This flywheel shows the different SlapFive software components.

Customer Programs

Customer Programs is the hub of the flywheel. It helps you easily recruit customers into your programs and manage their Membership details, including the types of Activities they like to do and the topics they like to discuss; empower anyone in your organization to nominate customers to your program and manage those Nominations; resulting in a rich set of customer Profiles you can tap into whenever you have opportunities for customers to engage.

Customer Content

Customer Content makes it drop-dead simple to Capture customer content in audio, video and text, in your customers’ own voice; Manage and organize all you customer content as reusable assets in a central place, tagged with metadata like Industry, Products Owned, and Region; and assemble these reusable assets into storyboards that you can Publish to any web, social or mobile property or channel.

Customer Campaigns in SlapFive

Customer Campaigns let you create a Campaign for any program or workflow, easily Target customers who you want to manage, automate Engagement with those customers to communicate with them and track their responses, and track their progress through the different stages of your Pipeline. Use Campaigns for recruiting advocates into your program, sourcing CAB members, running customer expansion campaigns, getting customers to write peer reviews, and anything else you can think of.

Customer Advocacy

Customer Advocacy helps you dynamically Segment the right customers based on preferences and previous engagement; offer customers Opportunities to perform acts of advocacy; and  give Recognition to customers who perform activities that drive value to your company. Turn customers into your best sales and marketing people by showcasing their knowledge, experience, and advice.

Customer Reference Management

Customer References lets anyone in your company Request customers or content to serve situations where they need customer proof; use a powerful Fulfillment dashboard to find the best customers to engage for the request based on matching criteria, preferences and previous engagement; and generate reference content that can be used to Deflect the need for 1-on-1 reference calls to avoid burning out your scarce pool of reference customers.

SlapFive Salesforce App

The Salesforce App gives your sales reps a native-Salesforce experience, right on the Opportunity record, where they can find customer references and content, make customer reference requests, see the status of those requests, and share content with prospects. It provides executives with a powerful Revenue Influence dashboard.

SlapFive AI Powered Customer Marketing Platform

SlapFive is the only Customer Marketing & Advocacy software platform Powered by AI. You have your own AI language library trained by your content, which you use to generate customer voice assets in any format, style, or length. Let AI write your case studies, blog posts and LinkedIn posts. Let AI find happy customers posting positive comments online and recruit them to your advocacy program. Let AI match the right customers to your reference requests.

SlapFive Integrations
SlapFive has an embedded Integration Server that includes pre-built integrations with many of the apps you use today, and provides easy custom integrations with less popular apps. All you need to do is connect to the other App within SlapFive’s Embedded Integration Server, and we take care of the rest.