The SlapFive Customer Marketing Software Platform

The SlapFive Customer Marketing Software Platform

Customer Marketing Software Platform

SlapFive has delivered the first and only end-to-end Customer Marketing Software platform, which has the essential components to automate and scale every workflow that Customer Marketers,  Customer Advocacy, and Customer Engagement pros do every day:

Customer References lets anyone in your company Request customers or content; find the best customers to Fulfill the request based on matching criteria, preferences and previous engagement; and Measure the quality of your reference pool and performance of reference fulfillment.

Customer Advocacy helps you easily Target the right customers based on preferences and previous engagement; Offer customers opportunities to perform acts of advocacy; and Recognize the customers who go above and beyond to help your company.

Customer Programs helps you easily Target the customers you want to invite to your program immediately or in the future; Manage the Pipeline of leads that have been generated from your list of targets or from nominations, and empower your program members to select their Preferences for the types of activities they like to do and the topics they like to discuss.

Customer Content makes it drop-dead simple to Capture your customer stories in audio, video and text, in your customers’ own voice; Manage and organize all you customer content assets in a central place; and Publish them to any channel, web or mobile property as customer proof.

The Salesforce App gives your sales reps a native-Salesforce experience to find customer references and content, make customer reference requests, see the status of those requests, and share content with prospects.

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