Voice of the Customer Programs

Now you can continuously capture the voice of the customer and infuse it into every fiber of your organization.

Go From:

  • Burdening your customers with 20 question surveys
  • Getting only 1-10 rating responses with 3 word comments
  • Not understanding the emotion behind the customers’ input
  • Struggling to easily share feedback with people who need to hear it
  • Having no way to circulate the feedback with all contributors

Go To:

  • Making it fun for your customers to share feedback by speaking
  • Getting richer responses and reasons behind their thinking
  • Clearly hearing the tone and sentiment of what the customer thinks
  • Easily assembling all the feedback on one board and share with key stakeholders
  • Sharing the feedback board with all the customers who contributed

It’s time to reinvent your Voice of the Customer program with a better way to capture, communicate, and respond to customer feedback

We can’t help ourselves, we survey our customers to death. They attend an event, we send them a survey. We finish a services project for them, we send them a survey. We want input for our product roadmap, we send a survey. Not to mention the NPS surveys we send out once or twice a year. The problem with surveys is the responses are one-dimensional. Either rankings on a scale of 1-10, or short 2-3 word text responses. So much meaning is lost.

Now imagine you can capture your customers’ feedback, in their own genuine voice, where you can hear the tone and sentiment. Think about the additional insight you gain. Once you’ve collected the feedback, don’t compile it into a Powerpoint and send it around.
Instead put the actual audio or video clips on a single storyboard, and send them around to all your stakeholders that need customer insight to make more informed decisions. Not only that, close the loop with your customers. They want to know that they weren’t the only ones asking for something, so share that storyboard with all the customers who contributed. And even those who didn’t to motivate them to contribute next time.

SlapFive uses it’s own process to capture feedback from customers and other experts on what they find compelling about this concept, and bundling it on a single board so all stakeholders can hear the feedback, and customer contributors can hear what their peers had to say.