Customer Reference Management

People in every part of your company need customer evidence at some point or another. One way you can handle this is to let each person, when the need arises, do their own thing and reach out to your marquee customers to make the ask. We call this “Random Acts of Customer Proof”. Or you could create and automate a Customer Reference Management process. With SlapFive, you can empower everyone to submit Requests, Requests can be routed to Trusted Contacts for review and approval, you dynamically search and filter to find the best customers to fulfill each request, you avoid using the same customers over and over, and you measure the revenue influence.

Anyone in the company can submit a request from any system or web page, in seconds.

  • Sales reps can request reference customers and content right from a Salesforce Opportunity.
  • The right people are automatically notified when a new request comes in.
  • Reference managers can log requests on behalf of people who send them by email or Slack.

Request references and see fulfillment status
Fulfill Requests

Easily find the best customers or content to fulfill a request

  • Filter on customer and company demographics and activity history.
  • Forward a request to the Account Executive or CSM to approve use of their customer.
  • Send the opportunity to participate in a reference activity to the customer and track their response.
  • When considering using a customer, see their historical and pending request to avoid overuse.
  • The requester tracks the status of the request right from the Salesforce Opportunity.

Deflect the need for live reference calls with Recorded References

  • Create storyboards showcasing video snippets of customers answering the questions that prospects ask most frequently on reference calls.
  • Make these Recorded References available to sales reps 24×7 within Salesforce, Highspot, Seismic, or any sales portal.
  • Notify sales reps when prospects view the storyboards and indicate which questions the prospect viewed.

Deflect the need for live reference calls with Recorded References
Optimize your reference program with actionable insights

Optimize your reference program with actionable insights

  • Track reasons why requests weren’t able to be fulfilled.
  • Measure how long it takes to fulfill requests and the fulfillment rate.
  • See dashboards showing the influence of customers and content assets on revenue and pipeline.
  • Assess your reference pools to identify and fill gaps in reference coverage.