Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Sales Enablement Society Conference: The Trust Shift: Putting Customer Voice at the Core of Your Marketing and Sales Strategies

Jeff Ernst and Steve Patti presented at Experience Sales Enablement 2017, the first annual conference of the Sales Enablement Society. They share insights on why and how to inject customer voice into all your marketing and sales initiatives.

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Salesforce Connect Webinar: Win & Retain More Customers by Unleashing Your Customers' Voice

Jeff Ernst was featured on’s Connect Expert Webinar Series. He shares insights about why the way companies generate and use customer proof points today is broken, and the top 8 ways to get customers to share their knowledge, insights, and experiences.

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WebJam: Unleash Your Customers'Voice

David Meerman Scott and Jeff Ernst talk about why and how to capture and unleash your customers’ voice in 2017, and how to take more strategic approach than the typical “Random Acts of Customer Proof” approach that is pervasive today.

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