Recorded Reference Call

Recorded Reference Call

End customer reference burnout. Now you can have customer references available 24×7.

Go From:

  • Constant struggle to find customers to be references
  • Overusing the same customers several times a month
  • Needing customers in the right industry, company size, region, use case, etc.
  • Making customers answer the SAME questions on every call
  • Taking a risk that the customer may be having a bad day
  • Dealing with customers who won’t talk because of a support issue
  • Long turnaround times to get the right reference scheduled to talk to the buyer

Go To:

  • An abundance of references in hand, available 24×7
  • No need to ask that customer to take a live call again
  • Having a recorded reference for every situation
  • Having pre-recorded answers to the most frequent reference questions
  • Comfort in knowing exactly what the customer has said
  • Recorded reference is available even when customer is not
  • Get the right recorded reference to the buyer within minutes

It’s time to stop torturing your customers with an outdated customer reference program

You don’t have enough customers willing to be references, so you ask the same ones to do it all the time, until those customers finally say “enough is enough, don’t you have anyone else who can do this?” And even worse, you don’t know what the customer will say on the call. What if he’s having a bad day and decides to vent? Say goodbye to that deal.

Years of buyer behavior research have proven that there are 5 questions that nearly ever prospect asks on a customer reference call. So why not capture your customers’ answers to those questions, and create Recorded References for your sales reps to have at their fingertips, available 24×7?

The Customer Marketing Software Platform

Axway augments its Customer Reference Program by capturing recorded references in which customers answer the most frequently asked questions on customer reference calls.

Customer Voice

We recorded this Gartner customer’s voice, in which she answers the top 4 questions that Gartner prospects ask in reference calls.