Demand Generation

Demand Generation
Now you can turbocharge your Demand Generation campaigns with customer voice content, which is the only type of content that breaks through the noise in the market and influences your buyers’ perceptions and preferences.

Go From:

  • Blasting your list with content that doesn’t speak to the pains of your ideal buyers
  • Low open rates and high unsubscribes due to irrelevant content
  • Struggling to find more content for your multi-touch lead nurture campaigns

Go To:

  • Break through the barriers that buyers have put up by sharing content in your customers’ voice
  • Communicate the value of your solution in a way that your marketing materials never will
  • Turn more marketing leads into sales opportunities that already have brand preference

Improve the impact of your Demand Generation campaigns with customer voice content

Why is Demand Generation so challenging today? Well, your marketing department has created a ton of content over the years, but you still never seem to have the RIGHT content for your demand gen campaigns. You know this because each year it seems to get harder and harder to get your content through the noise in the market and in front of the eyes and ears of your ideal customers. And the reason it is harder is because most of your content is about your features and benefits, and your so-called educational content that the Inbound Marketing gurus have told you to create.

The truth is your buyers DON’T really care about your features and benefits, nor do they come to you to be educated on how to do their jobs. They DO really want to know how other people just like them, in roles just like theirs, at companies of similar size, in similar industry, have solved similar problems.

It is time to stop the insanity and load your Demand Generation campaigns with content that buyers crave.

You can do this. All you need to do is give your customers the opportunity to share their knowledge, experience, and advice that stems from working with your company and products. Elicit these insights in a way that inspires your prospects, shows them a path to success that they can visualize following, and gives them a crystal ball into what life is like as your customer. And since so few companies are doing this today, your content will stand out like a purple cow.

SO the net net: If you want to get more bang from your Demand Generation:

Stop loading your demand gen campaigns with content about your features and benefits, and instead inject your campaigns with customer-generated content, in their own voice, talking about their own experiences.

The Customer Marketing Software Platform

Continuum powers multi-touch demand generation campaign with a customer sharing how his company has used Continuum’s cybersecurity solution.

The Customer Marketing Software Platform

Alert Logic features a customer telling his story about using Alert Logic with AWS in demand generation campaign targeting other AWS users.

The Customer Marketing Software Platform

Watch the replay of our webinar “Turbocharge your Demand Generation with Customer Voice” with demand generation and customer voice rock star Gretchen Hoffman from Continuum, and learn how to inject your campaigns with the customer voice content that your buyers crave.