Competitive Replacement Campaigns

Now you can have your customers make the case for why their peers should replace a competitor with you and infuse these insights into your Competitive Replacement Campaigns.

Go From:

  • Competitors’ customers don’t recognize your advantages
  • Battling inertia: if it’s not broken, why change?
  • Competitors match your claims, and then some

Go To:

  • Your customers describe how they justified the move
  • Your customers share the experience and why life is better on the other side
  • No one can argue with what your customers say, not even the competitor’s claims

It’s time to turn your customers into a competitive replacement driver and add customer proof into your Competitive Replacement Campaigns

Nothing gets your team more fired up than replacing a competitor. When a competitor makes a move that makes their current customers vulnerable, we can’t resist jumping in with a competitive replacement program. But it is harder than it sounds. Huge switching costs make migrating from one vendor to another a big decision. And there’s no guarantee that after the move, life will be better on the other side of the fence.

That’s where your customers who have already moved from that competitor to you come in. They’ve done it, they’ve survived, and they’re thriving. Have them share the experiences that will convince their peers to consider the same migration. Have them tell how they justified the move, what the experience was like making the migration, and how much better life is on the other side.

The Customer Marketing Software Platform

Acumatica does Competitive Replacement Campaign to drive traffic to webinar on why Sage ERP users should migrate to Acumatica.

Customer voice

Carbon Black decided to aggressively pursue the customers of legacy anti-virus software companies in a Competitive Replacement Campaign, by showcasing the experiences of customers who had made the same move.