SlapFive has an embedded Integration Server that includes pre-built integrations with many of the apps you use today, and provides easy custom integrations with less popular apps. All you need to do is connect to the other App within SlapFive’s Embedded Integration Server, and we take care of the rest.

Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)

  • New/updated CRM contacts update SlapFive Members.
  • New/updated CRM accounts update SlapFive Companies.
  • Advocacy Activities logged in SlapFive update CRM contact activities.
  • CRM deal/opportunity details update SlapFive Requests for reporting.
  • SlapFive Influence Events are shown on CRM accounts, contacts, and opportunities.

SlapFive CRM integrations
SlapFive CSM Platform Integrations

Customer Success Management Systems (CSM)

  • CSM users can nominate customers to the advocacy program managed in SlapFive.
  • CSM users can see a customer’s engagement activity history and score from SlapFive within the CSM customer dashboard.
  • SlapFive users can see CSM customer health scores and NPS scores on the advocate/reference profile in SlapFive.
  • CSM health or milestone indicators can trigger SlapFive to send engagement opportunities to customers.
  • CSM users can send a prompt to capture customer voice (audio/video) while on a check-in call with a customer.
  • CSM users can see and share SlapFive’s customer content with customers to help with onboarding and adoption.

AI Meeting Notekeepers

Capture magic moments like these during customer calls and have those audio or video snippets create Stories in SlapFive:

  • The customer shares a story about value they have experienced with your product or service.
  • The customer describes a positive experience with you or one of your colleagues.
  • The customer talks about why they purchased you over a competitor.
  • The customer shares a best practice or tip that could benefit lots of other customers.
  • The customer says that you deserve a promotion and a raise.

SlapFive integrates with AI Meeting Notetakers
SlapFive Integrations with Community platforms

Customer Community Platforms

  • Turn positive comments in community discussions into target customers to invite to your program in SlapFive.
  • Have community discussions trigger the prompting of a member to share a story by responding to a SlapFive prompt.
  • Offer SlapFive opportunities to perform acts of advocacy to community members from within a thread or a dedicated page.
  • Reward actions that customers take in the community by incrementing their engagement score in SlapFive.

Sales Portals

  • Flag which customer content in SlapFive you want made available to sales reps.
  • When new content assets are created in SlapFive, add the asset and meta data to the right folder in the Sales Portal.
  • As content assets are updated in SlapFive, keep the content in the Sales Portal in sync.

SlapFive integration with Sales Portals

Don’t see the integrations you’re looking for? Just let us know, we add new ones all the time, and with our embedded integration server, we can integrate SlapFive with any app that has a public API.