Capture the voice of your customer event attendees

Capture the voice of your customer event attendees

Have a SlapFive Minute Booth at your next customer conference, customer advisory board meeting, and user group.

Why you should do it

  • Create more buzz before, during, and after your customer events
  • Strike while the iron is hot, while your attendees are in a great mood
  • Make it fun for your customers to share their authentic voice

How it works

What you get

A collection of authentic, customer stories in video format that you can use to:

  • Inject customer voice into every marketing, sales, and customer success initiative to better win, grow, and retain customers.
  • Build anticipation and excitement for future customer events to drive attendance and attendee value.

If you’re a user of the SlapFive Customer Voice Engine, we’ll upload the customer videos into your SlapFive library and create a core set of storyboards for you.

See it in action

The Customer Marketing Software Platform

Attendees at the Summit for Customer Engagement 2019 share key learnings that they will take back and apply to their customer engagement and advocacy programs.

ITSMA captures the voice of attendees speaking to the value and enjoyment they get out of attending the ITSMA Marketing Vision 2018 Conference.

At Logan Data’s Customer Conference, we captured the voice of their customers and technology partners talking about what it is like to work with Logan Data.

At MassTLC’s Growth Summit, we captured the voice of their members describing what it means to them to be Customer-Led.

Customer voice

Acumatica uses voice of attendees from last year’s customer conference to build excitement and drive attendance for Acumatica Summit 2019.

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