Minute Booth

Capture the voice of your customers at industry and customer events.

Gather amazing customer content on video at a fraction of the cost of sending a professional videographer or camera crew.

Have us conduct a SlapFive Minute Booth at your next customer conference, CAB, user group meeting, or industry event.

Why you should do it

  • Gather amazing video and audio content from your customers.
  • Create more buzz before, during, and after your customer events.
  • Strike while the iron is hot, while your attendees are in a great mood.
  • Make it fun for your customers to share their authentic voice.

How it works

SlapFive does all the heavy lifting. All you do is answer a few questions to help us make sure we capture amazing customer insights on video. Unlike professional videographers and camera crew members, your SlapFive Customer Voice Consultant gets to know your business and is an expert in asking the questions in the right way to get the right insights, probing deeper to get customers to share their emotions, and posing additional questions on-the-fly when your customer is “in flow”.

Capture the voice of your customers at events

Before the event:

  • We conduct a Customer Voice Strategy Session with you to determine the insights to capture and types of customers to target.
  • We do a prep session with your staff who will be at the event to cover best practices for getting your customers to participate.
  • We create a branded postcard with the 5-6 questions to ask which attendees can answer in a minute or less.

At the event:

  • A SlapFive Customer Voice Consultant attends your event for one or two days.
  • Your SlapFive consultant brings all the equipment needed for conducting and recording the video interviews, including a gimbal stabilizer or tripod, mobile phone, and lapel mics.
  • We set up a Minute Booth table in a high traffic area with good lighting and accoustics.
  • Your SlapFive consultant “works the room” using our proven techniques to warm people up and get them to play.
  • Your staff augments our consultant by bringing targeted attendees over to us.
  • Your SlapFive consultant asks the prepared questions, and probes deeper when the customer opens the door for sharing other amazing insights.

After the event:

  • SlapFive edits the video/audio recordings and carves them into question/response snippets.
  • Your SlapFive consultant provides you with the full video recordings and the edited snippets.
  • You retain full IP ownership and unlimited use of the content.
  • SlapFive staff member uploads the audio/video snippets into the SlapFive Customer Marketing platform, builds storyboards for putting these stories to work including boards for promoting attendance at future events.

What you get

  • A collection of authentic, customer stories in video format that you can use to infuse customer voice into every marketing, sales, and customer success initiative to better win, grow, and retain customers.
  • Build anticipation and excitement for future customer events to drive attendance and prove attendee value.
  • SlapFive provides you with a free subscription to the Customer Content Module of the SlapFive Customer Marketing Platform, where you can manage an unlimited number of videos, create storyboards, and publish video content to any digital, web, mobile, or social channel.
  • You can use SlapFive’s “Remote Capture” feature before or after the event to capture impact stories.

See it in action

SlapFive Minute Boot

Avalara used SlapFive’s Minute Booth to capture the voice of their customers who attended their CRUSH 2023 roadshow series of events in Boston, Chicago, and San Jose.

The Customer Marketing Software Platform

Attendees at the Summit for Customer Engagement share key learnings that they will take back and apply to their customer engagement and advocacy programs.

ITSMA captures the voice of attendees speaking to the value and enjoyment they get out of attending the ITSMA Marketing Vision Conference.

At Logan Data’s Customer Conference, we captured the voice of their customers and technology partners talking about what it is like to work with Logan Data.

Wrike Collaborate 2020 Conference Minute Booth

Wrike conducted a Virtual Minute Booth during their Collaborate 2020 conference, held virtually due to the COVID pandemic.