Customer Programs

Recruit customers into your programs, manage their membership details, empower anyone in your organization to nominate customers, and develop a rich set of customer profiles to tap into when you have opportunities for customers to engage.

Recruit customers and track your advocate pipeline

  • Import your target customers from Salesforce, Excel or any other system.
  • Communicate with those customers about your customer programs.
  • Track their movement through your advocate pipeline using a Customer Campaign.
  • Measure your recruiting results and effectiveness.

Customer Programs - recruit and manage advocacy pipeline
Customer Membership Details

Manage each customer's Membership Details

  • Let customers pick and choose the types of activities they like to perform.
  • You and customers can specify the topics they want to hear about and discuss.
  • Track the permissions their company has granted you.
  • Add a Dynamic Field for any demographic or behavioral attribute you’d like to track.

Empower anyone to nominate customers

  • Use your favorite form-builder app to collect information about the nominee.
  • Automatically notify your team and send a confirmation to the nominator.
  • Acknowledge and show appreciation for frequent nominators.

Nominate a Customer for our Advocacy Program
Draw from a rich set of member profiles

Draw from a rich set of member profiles

  • Each Member dashboard shows their engagement score, engagement notes, favorite activities, activity history, contributed content, pending and completed requests
  • Search and use Advanced Filters to find the right customers to engage.
  • Avoid overusing the same customers to prevent advocate or reference burnout.