Mindset Shifter

Mindset Shifter

Now you can let your customers persuade people to adopt the mindset needed to embrace your solution.

Go From:

  • Your buyers are stuck in their old ways of thinking
  • Buyers don’t recognize the flaws in their outdated mindset
  • Your endless thought leadership posts are ignored
  • Your reps struggle to paint the vision of your solution
  • You can’t get the buying committees on the same page

Go To:

  • Customers articulate the new way of thinking
  • Buyers recognize the flaws in their outdated mindset
  • Less need for constant posts in the company’s voice
  • Your reps let customer voice help paint the vision
  • Buying committees coalesce around what their peers have done

It’s time to let your customers be the thought leaders for your big ideas

You’ve got an amazing solution that transforms how people have always done things in your space. A new paradigm. A new concept. Your early adopter customers love it. Unfortunately, way too many of the people in your target market just don’t get it. Their thinking is in the dark ages. They can’t even imagine that there’s a better way to tackle the problem you solve.

Who’s in the best position to help those laggards make the mindset shift? Your customers who have already made the mindset shift. When the old-school thinkers hear it from their peers and colleagues, they realize that they may be missing out on something, that they may be caught off guard. Ask your best customers to talk about merits of the new approach, and the benefits of life on the other side of the mindset shift.

The Customer Marketing Software Platform

CA Technologies showcases the thought leadership of its mainframe experts to change mindsets about how mainframes support cloud infrastructures. (Click the “What is the future of the mainframe in a hybrid IT world?” horizontal bar to see the widget.)

Customer Voice

Sococo taps into three of their most forward-thinking customers to explain how an online workplace helps with the cultural and behavioral changes required for any company going agile.

Mindset Shifter

Buyer Persona Institute has its customers give their advice to help overcome some of the most common misunderstandings people have about the right way to do buyer persona research.