SlapFive as a Managed Service

SlapFive as a Managed Service

I know what you’re thinking. This customer voice stuff could really improve our conversion rates, reduce sales cycles, drive deeper customer engagement, and make cross-selling so much easier. But how the heck would I make it happen in my company?

You’re not alone. We hear people say these things all the time:

  • I don’t have anyone to work on this, everyone has way too much stuff on their plate already.
  • We don’t have buyer personas, or we don’t know enough about our customers to make good use of this.
  • No one on my team has the skills to translate buyer and customer insights into the questions we’d ask our customers.
  • We’re implementing 3 other software tools right now, enough already.

That’s why we can do all the work for you, with very little impact on your team.

Our Experts

SlapFive has a team of certified Customer Voice experts with decades of experience in B2B marketing and sales. You benefit from their expertise in gathering buyer and customer insights through persona research and win/loss analysis, running customer advocacy and marketing programs, doing sales enablement, and driving customer adoption. They know how to uncover the gnarliest barriers and the customer stories that knock them down.

How it Works

We only need 4 hours of your time, tops. We run the whole project, minimize impact on your staff, and create the customer voice deliverables. Here’s what we do for you:



Conduct a Customer Voice Strategy Workshop with key people from marketing, sales, and customer experience/success. We’ll uncover the questions, fears and doubts that cause the biggest barriers and chokepoints in your customer lifecycle. We’ll then formulate a strategy for using your customers’ knowledge, experiences, and advice to overcome those barriers, by translating the root causes into specific insights we need to capture from customers.


Carefully craft the surgical prompt questions that will elicit the responses needed to knock down the market barriers. We’ll use these questions to interview your customers, and capture their amazing customer stories as reusable audio and video nuggets.


Generate the right combination of SlapFive Customer Story Boards that knock down each obstacle by showcasing the success stories of your best customers, in their own voice. We’ll determine where and how each should be used on your website, in sales presentations, on landing pages, or in social media. See example use cases for the types of boards we can create.


Assess the impact that these stories are having each quarter and determine where adjustments need to be made or new issues tackled.


What You Get

The service gives you these deliverables:

  1. A predetermined number of Customer Story Boards and Cards, with no restrictions on how you can use them during the term of your SlapFive subscription. These boards can be published to your website, landing pages, sales enablement portals, PowerPoint presentations, and social media properties.
  2. The SlapFive Certificate of Authenticity is applied to your customer stories, earning more trust of buyers by assuring the stories are genuine.
  3. The findings from the research we do for you with buyers, customers, and staff.
  4. The Customer Voice Canvas that we develop in the Customer Voice Strategy Workshop, which serves as the roadmap and prioritization tool for our work together.
  5. A customer voice program that takes a more strategic, surgical approach than the “Random Acts of Customer Proof” that most companies practice today.
  6. A 12-month, renewable subscription for the SlapFive Customer Voice platform.
  7. On-going guidance and optimization advice from your SlapFive Customer Voice experts.
  8. The realization that you’ll never do case studies, testimonial videos, and reference programs the old-fashioned way again.

How to Get Started

Let’s have a conversation about your current customer life cycle barriers, and customer proof initiatives. Based on how much you want to tackle, we’ll work with you to define the scope of how many customer interviews, how many use cases, and how many Customer Story Boards we need to create, and will provide a proposal that supports that scope of work.