Measure the Impact of Customer Voice at Each Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

What’s so great, and so challenging about unleashing your customer voice is that it can be used to earn trust and drive action at literally every stage of the customer lifecycle. Here are just a few examples of ideal ways to use customer voice at each stage, and how you can measure the impact it has.

How customer stories are used
How impact can be measured
STAGE: Unknown
Post customer stories on social properties:
- CTR on post links to website
Put customer content on online ads:
- CTR on landing page links to website
STAGE: Site Visitors
Post customer stories on homepage:
- Bounce rate
- Clicks to deeper pages
Customer Success section of site:
- Time spent on page
- Clicks to deeper pages
Supporting content on public site and microsites:
- Conversion rates on CTAs on those pages
Embed customer stories in marketing assets like eBooks:
- Time spent on asset
- Conversion rate on CTAs
Feature customer content in blog posts:
- Blog post readership
- Conversion rate on blog CTAs
STAGE: Target Accounts
Include customer voice in prospecting emails:
- Email open rate
- Email response rate
Account Based Marketing campaigns:
- Campaign response rates
- Content engagement
STAGE: Leads
Use customer voice in lead nurturing multi-touch campaign:
- CTR on customer voice content versus other content
Put customer stories into competitive replacement campaign:
- Response rate
- Sales Qualified Opportunities created
Use customer-generated content for lead qualification and scoring:
- Number of storyboards and stories viewed
STAGE: Sales Opportunities
Use customer voice to overcome objections:
- Sales cycle time
- Sales win rate
Use customer stories to replace live customer reference calls:
- Reduction in customer reference requests
- Sales win rate
Sales win-wires to share successful sales strategies:
- Ramp time for new sales reps
Use customer voice to validate competitive differentiation:
- Sales cycle times
- Sales win rate
Use customer voice to create urgency to take action:
- Sales cycle time
- "Dark" deals reactivated
STAGE: New Customers
Provide customer-generated onboarding tips and best practices:
- Time to first value
- Time to full implementation
Use customer advice to accelerate user adoption:
- Feature usage rate
- Number and percent of active users
STAGE: Experienced Customers
Capture value stories to ensure renewal:
- Renewal rate and size
- Value stories captured
Use experiences of colleagues to drive account expansion:
- Size of Annual Contract Value
- Expansion revenue
- Customer Lifetime Value
Put customer voice into cross-sell and upsell campaigns:
- Products owned per customer
- Share of wallet
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