Best Performing Prompt Questions

Best performing prompt questions

These are the Prompt questions/statements that have performed best both in terms of customer response rates and quality of responses given:

What insights are we trying to capture?

Convince prospects why they need my company if they’re already working with an alternative solution provider

Prompt question/statement

What incremental value have you gotten from working with <our company> above and beyond what you get from <alternative>?

Create urgency to buy by surfacing the risks of doing nothing

What brought it to a head and made you realize you can’t keep doing what you were previously doing?

Push buyers to want to make a change by showcasing how others realized they needed to make a change

What was going on in your business that triggered the need for a <type of solution> and caused it to be a priority?

Support a competitive replacement campaign

Why did you decide to upgrade from <competitor> to <our product>?

Educate buyers on how to buy in a way that favors your strengths

What advice can you give peers on how to evaluate and select a <type of solution> solution?

What criteria did you use to evaluate and select a <type of solution> solution?

Address prospect’s doubt that their organization will make good use of a solution

What should people do to get the most value out of working with <our company>?

Give prospects a view into what it is like to implement your solution

What was the process of deploying <company/product> like for your organization?

Overcome objection that people are already used to a free or inferior solution

What advice do you have for people who think they don’t need <product> because they already use <alternative 1> or <alternative 2>?

Showcase competitive differentiation that has helped you win new customers

What made you trust <our company> with this important decision?

Provide proof of a benefit

Give me some examples of how working in <product> improves everyone’s <benefit>?

Get people to think of your solution as a “must have”

Why is a <type of solution> solution like <our company> essential for any organization going agile (or other strategic shift)?

Enable cross-selling or upselling at time of initial purchase or soon after

Why is it important to have <your company> provide <upsell product or service> along with <the core product/service purchased>?

Earn trust by being incredibly transparent, while addressing the most frequent question asked on customer reference calls

What pitfalls have you hit along the way and how did <our company> help you through it?

Give advice that answers another of the most frequently asked questions on customer reference calls

What would you do differently this time if you were to start all over?