The Customer Marketing Software Platform

* Easily capture your customer voice and infuse it into every aspect of your organization.

* Scale your Customer Marketing efforts and effectiveness without adding staff.




Customer Content

Easily capture customer voice in any format, organize and manage it in a central place, and publish it to any web or mobile property.

Customer Engagement Software

Customer Engagement

Offer customers opportunities to engage with your company, the market, and each other in a two-way exchange of value.

Customer Advocacy Software

Customer Advocacy

Turn customers into your best sales and marketing people by showcasing their knowledge, experience, and advice.

Customer Reference Management Software

Customer References

Empower anyone in your company to search and request customer content and customers to perform reference activities.

Customer Influence

Customer Influence

Measure the influence of your customer content and customer reference activities on revenue growth and pipeline.

Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Keep your finger on the pulse of customer opinions and sentiment, and infuse those insights into every fiber of the company.

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Here are some popular use cases for our Customer Marketing Software. Have your own team do it, or let SlapFive’s Customer Voice Coaches do it for you. So easy.

Case Study 2.0

Customer Case Study

Buyers don’t want to read your classic case studies, written in the 3rd person, in “challenge-solution-result” format with happy quote in sidebar. They want the authentic customer voice.

Recorded Reference Call

Recorded Customer Reference

End customer reference burnout and the constant struggle to find a customer in the same industry, company size, role, and situation as your buyer. Now you have references available 24×7.

Buyers' Guide

Virtual Buyer's Guide

Prospects are confused because they’ve never bought a solution like yours, or a competitor has gotten in ahead of you and has set the buying criteria. Let your customers guide buyers.

Objection Crusher

Objection Crusher

Objections make your sellers’ knees buckle. Don’t make them fumble for a response that the buyer won’t trust anyway. Let your customer voice crush the toughest objections.

Sales Win Wire

Sales Win Wire

Let all your sales reps learn from what your best reps do to differentiate and win deals, without interfering with their selling time. Capture the voice of your sales rep.

Mindset Shifter

Mindset Shifter

Your solution is a new paradigm that challenges conventional thinking and requires a mindset shift. Let your customers be the thought leaders who give their advice.

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

Stop doing Account Based Marketing by buying contacts in target accounts and spamming them. Start having your client champions share their success stories with their colleagues in ABM accounts.

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Customer-driven organizations use customer voice to inform strategy decisions, product plans, and CX improvements. Instead of more surveys, capture the authentic customer voice.

Competitive Replacement

Competitive Replacement

We love to steal customers away from our competitors. This is really hard unless you have your customers who have made the same switch tell their stories of life before, during, and after.

Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Load your Demand Generation campaigns with the content that your prospects crave the most as they try to visualize how they could solve their problem with your solution.

Embed Customer Voice Everywhere


The best part about managing customer voice as reusable assets is that you can easily inject them into every marketing, sales and service initiative: whether it be a web page, landing page, microsite, blog post, sidebar widget, ebook, Powerpoint presentation, or social media property.

Urgency Creator

Urgency Creator

Deals stall because the buyer doesn’t view the pain you solve as a high priority right now compared to everything else on their plate. Use customer voice to create urgency.


The Customer Marketing Software Platform

SlapFive was one of three vendors featured in Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in Technology Marketing 2019” report, which stated “SlapFive is cool because it takes a fresh and nimble approach to collecting, developing and leveraging customer advocacy and customer-generated content”. Read the report.

SlapFive was the runner-up in the Alumni category of the Babson College “Babson Entrepreneurial Thought and Action (BETA) Challenge” startup competition. Startups are judged on how they’ve been able to reach significant milestones in a very short period of time.

SlapFive has been selected as a Finalist in the 2017 Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council’s Leadership Awards, in the category of “Innovative Tech of the Year – Sales & Marketing”. Read more.

SlapFive was honored to be selected as one of 100 high-impact Boston startups to showcase our concept at HUBweek’s Demo Day, presented by Bank of America. Read more.


Know you can do better but don’t know where to start? Want to make sure customer voice can knock down your market challenges? Need to get your peers bought in to this new approach? Let’s get your key folks together for a Customer Voice Strategy Workshop.


Want to see SlapFive in action, and learn how it can help you capture and unleash your customer’s voice?  Sign up for a demo here.

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