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Customer Interview and Case Study Writing Service

You give us your customer, we take care of everything else.

Our industry experts schedule and conduct the in-depth interview with your customer, we turn the outputs from the customer interview into dozens of content deliverables in any format, and publish the content assets to any channel.

Customer Interview and Case Study Writing Services

Go From:

  • Struggling to find someone who is an expert intervierwer AND expert writer AND knows you business.
  • Weeks of emails back and forth with your customers to schedule interviews.
  • Having to monitor where each case study project is in its lifecycle using emails and spreadsheets.
  • Endless revisions because your customer thnks they were misrepresented.
  • Manual review process with you customer’s PR and Legal teams that’s hard to follow and track.
  • Producing a final asset that buyers don’t want to read or watch.

Go To:

  • Each of our storytellers has 35+ years of tech industry experience and are expert interviewers and writers.
  • We handle the scheduling, your customer simply picks a convenient time from available slots.
  • We track the status in our online Content Production Workflow app which you access anytime.
  • Few revisions needed because the stories are in your customer’s voice.
  • We track who needs to approve and where they are in the review and approval process.
  • You get best-practice assets that are aligned with how buyers buy.

How it works

The Customer Interview and Case Study Writing Service is a turn-key solution. Once you make the introduction, we take care of everything, using the steps below, and delivering customer voice content assets like the ones in the right column.


Proper preparation is critical to getting high-impact customer stories:

  • We conduct a one-hour Customer-Led Growth Strategy Workshop with you and your key stakeholders to uncover your company’s strategic growth goals and translate them into the critical insights we want to capture from customers.
  • Your SlapFive customer storytelling expert creates the Interview Guide by combining what we uncover in the Workshop about the needs of your buyers with our own insights from conducting almost 2,000 buyer interviews.
  • You identify the right customers and make an introduction to your SlapFive expert, letting them know that “we have an exciting opportunity for you to showcase your knowledge, experience, and advice in a way that helps you build your reputation in the market and in your company. All you need to do is join us in a 30-minute conversation.”
  • If you choose to use SlapFive’s customer story publishing engine, we set up the asset templates with your branding and desired layout.


It takes a specialized skill set to conduct interviews that extract the customer insights that make an impact:

  • The SlapFive expert schedules the interview at a convenient day and time for your customer.
  • If you’d like, we do a prep call with the customer’s AE or CSM to find out what aspects of that customer’s situation we want to showcase, then customize the Interview Guide for this customer.
  • If the customer insists on seeing the interview questions ahead of time, we send them a summary of the top-level questions, but our best practice is to not send the Interview Guide because we want the customer to sound natural and authentic, not scripted.
  • The SlapFive expert conducts the audio/video interview and records it.
  • SlapFive transcribes the interview and highlights the portions we want to use for each question.


The Customer Interview and Case Study Writing Service provides you with more than just one case study asset. You get all the traditional types of customer voice assets, as well as a set of atomized, reusable content assets that we can assemble into a new breed of Storyboards that you can infuse into all your go-to-market activities.


Classic Customer Case Studies

Customer Case Studies

Today’s most common format: “Challenge-Solution-Result” case studies written in the first or third-person.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer Testimonial Video

Professionally produced, branded customer testimonial videos with music and B-roll to make a polished brand impression.

PowerPoint Slides for Sales

Customer Case Study slides for Sales presentations

Provide your sales team with customer case study slides that they can include in their sales presentations.

Digital Storyboards

Customer Case Study 2.0

Case Study 2.0

Show video snippets of the customer answering each key question asked in the interview, in a slider so that viewer can scroll to address exactly what’s on their mind.

Customer Case Study 1.5

Case Study in Q&A format with text stories

Not ready for 2.0? Showcase the customer’s answers to each question, in the first-person, in a text-based Q&A format.

Virtual Recorded References

Recorded Customer Reference Calls

Deflect live customer reference calls by showing the customer answering the questions prospects ask most often so you have references available for Sales 24 x 7.

Sales Effectiveness Tools

Competitive Replacement

Help Sales sell more effectively with customer voice assets like Objection Crushers, Competitive Replacement Drivers, Urgency Creators, and Buyers’ Guides.

Embed Widgets in Blog Posts

Embeddable customer voice widgets

Bring your blog posts to life by embedding interactive widgets that showcase video snippets of the customer answering two or three questions.

Embed Widgets on Website

Embeddable Customer Voice Widgets for Website

Infuse customer evidence into every section of your website – including industry, competitive, product, service, trial & demo request, and pricing pages.