Trial Guide: Steps & Tips

Trial Guide: Steps & Tips

We’re glad you decided to do a trial of SlapFive. There’s nothing like getting your hands on an app to see if it is something you’d want to use in your company. The trial is intended for you to get a feel for what the experience is like for back-end users, customer-facing employees, and customers. Here are some instructions and tips to help you get the most out of your trial experience.

Set up a Customer

When you’re a SlapFive client, we’ll upload your customers, but for now, see what type of information we have for a customer.

  1. Click on the Customers tab, and click the button to add a new customer.
  2. Enter the name, title and email address (guess if you have to, it doesn’t matter what you put there right now) of one of your customers.
  3. Grab that person’s photo from their LinkedIn profile and upload it.
  4. Enter their Company name, then Google their logo, and put in their industry and location. Save the Company info and the Customer.

Create a Prompt

Prompts are the questions or statements you pose to customers to capture their knowledge, experiences, and advice.

  1. Go to the Prompts tab and click the button to add a new Prompt.
  2. Give the Prompt a name, which is what will appear when this is sent to a customer and when their stories are displayed. Get creative and think of a killer question that you wish every customer would answer, like “Why is <our product> the best darn <our solution type> you’ve ever dreamed about using?” Of course, when you’re a SlapFive client, we’ll coach you on how to craft great prompt questions, we’re masters at it.
  3. Enter a Text Explanation to give the customer some additional detail on what you’d like them to talk about.
  4. Pick which types of responses you want to allow customers to make.
  5. In the Strategic Initiatives field, type “My plan for world domination”, and save it. You’re now on your way towards that goal.

Capture a Story

Just to whet your appetite for what Stories are all about, let’s create one manually.

  1. Go to the Stories tab and click to add a new Story.
  2. Pick a Customer, and pick that Prompt for that question you wish every customer would answer.
  3. Click the “Text” Story Type and type the response you wish every customer would give to that Prompt question. Get creative, no one will laugh at you.
  4. Set a Permission level for the Story.
  5. Set the Status to Released, and Save it.

Send Some Prompts to Yourself

Now let’s get to the fun stuff. You’ll get to experience what your customers will experience with SlapFive.

  1. Go back to the Customers tab and create a customer for yourself, with your email address and mobile phone number.
  2. Go to the Prompts tab, and in the list of Prompts you will see a column of buttons called “Send Prompt”. Click that button next to one of the Prompts, and check the boxes next to your email address and phone number.
  3. Check the “Add a Personal Message box” and type “Hi Self, since you’re such a smartie, I have a question that only you can answer.” Then click Send.  You may hear a beep in your pocket.
  4. Now you’ll be taken to the Sent Prompts screen where you’ll see the tracking record for the Prompts you just sent and any others cases where someone sent this Prompt.  Just look around but don’t break anything here.
  5. Now dig into your pocket and pull out your mobile phone, open your text messages, and you’ll see a new one with the Prompt question. Click the link, and go ahead and respond to the question.
  6. Now go back and click the Prompts tab, and in the list there’s a column of buttons called Sent/Responses, click the button next to the Prompt you just responded to, and go look at your amazing Story, then review and release it.

Send a Prompt to Someone Else in Your Company

Now let’s capture a real story, not from a customer but from one of your sales reps or customer success managers. You’ll get the thrill of watching the inbox for new responses, which can be addicting.

  1. Go back to the Customers tab and create a customer for the customer-facing person who can provide a story.
  2. Go to the Prompts tab and create a Prompt titled “Tell us about the amazing salesmanship you used to win the Apple deal?”  (Replace Apple with a recent win)
  3. Click the “Send Prompt” button next to the new Prompt and check the box next to that person’s phone number.
  4. Check the “Add a Personal Message box” and type “Hi Dude, we want to hear about your latest deal.” Then click Send.
  5. Now go back to the Sent/Responses and voila.

Create a Board

You’ve done the hard part, now lets create a Board to showcase one or two of the Stories we captured.

  1. Go to the Boards tab and click to add a new board.
  2. Your Trial Coach will have given you a template to use, select the template.
  3. The rest we’re leaving up to you, it is super easy, see if you can figure out how to build a Board.