SlapFive Terminology

SlapFive Terminology

What is SlapFive?

Customer Marketing & Engagement Platform.  We help companies organize and manage customer voice & engagement programs by making it simple to capture your customers’ voice in audio, video or text formats and inject those stories into any marketing, sales, customer success initiative within your company.

Customer Voice Program

A Customer Voice Program is a branded program in which a company engages it’s customers in a two-way exchange of value, in which customers gain access to insights and best practices from peers and experts, and share their knowledge, experience, and advice with the company and fellow customers, for purposes of accelerating customer acquisition, adoption, expansion, and retention.


Members are the people you will be engaging with and capturing their voice using SlapFive. Member records usually represent your clients, but can also be employees, partners, or thought leaders. Your members have a full profile including their name, title, image, their organization and company details.


A Prompt is a question or statement meant to elicit a specific response from a Customer.

Mobile Prompt

A Mobile Prompt is created when you send a Prompt to an existing Customer in SlapFive. The customer receives an email and/or text message with a link to respond, clicks the link, and can respond using the allowable media types.

Open Prompt

An Open Prompt is created when you generate an Open Prompt link that you paste into an email, web page, community post, etc. to allow anyone to respond. It works like a Mobile Prompt, except that the responder is also asked to enter their Name, Company, and Email address.


A Story is created to capture a single Customer’s response to a single Prompt in audio, video, text, or numeric format.


A Board is a template-driven collection of Stories for a particular use case. Boards can be either a full stand-alone page or a widget that can be embedded on any web or mobile page (corporate website, blog, community post, landing page, microsite, portal, social media property, etc.).


A Template is the HTML and CSS that determines the design and layout of a Board.

Activity Type

An Activity Type is a form of engagement that Customers can decide whether they want to participate in or not. 


An Activity is a record of a Customer having performed a specific Activity Type.