The Customer-Led Growth Canvas

The Customer Voice Canvas

The Customer-Led Growth Canvas guides you in flipping the traditional forms of customer engagement and evidence on its head, and taking a more strategic, surgical approach to customer programs that has measurable impact on revenue growth.

Here’s how you fill it out:

  1. List out your top C-Level strategic growth initiatives and priorities for the next 6-12 months and the executive(s) charged with driving each initiative.
  2. Surface the biggest challenges and opportunities your company faces in pursuing each initiative. These can be market perceptions, objections, questions, fears, doubts , competitive pressures; and can be untapped opportunities.
  3. For each challenge or opportunity, come up with ways you can mobilize customers to crush the challenge or seize the opportunity. What types of customers? If you could wave a magic wand, what would you want these customers to do or say?
  4. Start to define the customer program. How and when will you engage these customers in a program? How will you measure customer influence on revenue?
  5. Prioritize your list, and now you have a roadmap for the top ways we can mobilize customers to drive Customer-Led Growth.
Customer-Led Growth Canvas