Customer Story Board Examples

Check out these examples of how SlapFive unleashes the customer voice for our clients.


Datawatch: data preparation and analytics software

Interactive eBook and Infographics
Datawatch has injected the customer voice to support each of the six pillars of their value proposition for how to get more out of Excel. Scroll down to each of the 6 pillars and you’ll see a tray of stories served up by SlapFive.

Website Pages
Datawatch uses customer voice to showcase what customers are saying about their newest product, right on that product page of the website.

Sales Win-Wire
The voice of the sales rep explains how he won the deal and what others can learn from this success.


SiriusDecisions: research and advisory firm for marketing & sales leaders

Buyer’s Guide for analyst firms
Several clients address the 5 biggest questions and doubts that buyers of analyst services have about what it is like to be a customer. This can be the Customer Stories section of the website, or can be used as a stand-alone page by sales to send to prospects or customers.

Homepage tray of customer stories
A widget that can be put on the homepage to showcase some customer stories, with a call-to-action button to drive visitors to the Customer Stories page to see more.

Customer Journey
One client provides several stories describing experiences working with SiriusDecisions and advice to other marketers.

Competition Crusher
Customers explaining a common misunderstanding of buyers, that SiriusDecisions is not just a little Gartner or Forrester, but has a completely different value prop for marketing and sales practitioners.


Carbon Black: next generation anti-virus software vendor

Customer Success section of website
Customer voice injected into the Customer Success page of Click on the tile for NHL, MLB, Kordia, and Freeport, and you’ll see a drawer open with an embedded SlapFive widget.

Competitive Replacement Campaign
A landing page for a marketing campaign and for sales prospecting aimed at replacing a competitor’s traditional anti-virus with Carbon Black’s Next Gen AV.

Sales landing page
We carved out audio clips from a customer webinar to tackle 3 major market hurdles: lack of urgency because buyers don’t recognize threats they’re still exposed to with traditional AV, buyers don’t know how to eveluate Next Gen AV, and the brand perception of being hard to use due to legacy products. This is served up on a stand-alone web/mobile page that sales reps can use to earn trust and knock down these barriers.

Urgency Creator
A handful of customers knocking down the biggest issue of lack urgency because buyers don’t recognize the threats they’re still exposed to with traditional anti-virus. This is a stand-alone page to share to instill fear.


Sococo: provider of digital workplace for agile organizations

Concept Validator for digital workplaces – stand-alone page
Several customers respond to 5 questions designed to convince leaders of agile organizations that a digital workplace is essential to team success. This is a stand-alone board with a call-to-action that salespeople can send to earn trust, or use as a landing page for marketing campaign.

Customer Experiences page on website 
Several customers respond to 5 questions designed to convince leaders of agile organizations that a digital workplace is essential to team success. This is a widget that is embeeded on Sococo’s Customer Experiences page on their website.

Competition Knock-off
Three customers address one of Sococo’s biggest sales obstacles, which is that prospects don’t see the added value when they’re already using a messaging app within their development team. These customers knock off the competition by explaining why agile organizations need more than Slack, Lync, or Skype.

Homepage Widget to Showcase Customer Experiences
Sococo has put a SlapFive widget on their homepage to showcase a few customer stories and entice visitors to click through to the Customer Experiences page.


Buyer Persona Institute: leaders in researching and applying buyer insights

Advice From Your Peers
Buyer Persona Institute has customers give their advice on the 5 biggest issues that cause fear and doubt among their buyers. This is embedded on a Resources page on their website.

Barrier Crusher
Three customers giving advice to other marketers on how to get buy-in from others in the organization to do buyer persona research. This is the biggest obstacle to companies moving forward with this research.

Customer Journey
A Buyer Persona Institute client gives advice on four issues that keep buyers from confidently moving forward.


David Meerman Scott: best-selling author and speaker

Powering David’s Rave Reviews page
David’s powerful reviews are organized to knock down the three biggest questions/doubts that event organizers have when booking keynote speakers. They want assurance that the speaker will get the audience highly engaged, influence their thinking, and that the speaker will tailor the presentation to the audience’s needs.

Homepage widget to drive people to the Rave Reviews page
A single tray of well-recognized speaking clients to get people to want to read more reviews.



Virtual Recorded Reference
Microsoft suffers from “Reference Burnout”, so is capturing virtual recorded reference calls, in which they ask reference customers the 5 or 6 most common questions that buyers ask during reference calls, put them on specialized landing pages, and are available 24×7, even when the customer has support escalations.


Iron Mountain

Customer Success Story (Case Study 2.o)
Iron Mountain’s software escrow division needs to create urgency among business leaders to proactively protect the software code they rely with escrow and source code verification. This board improves on the classic case study written in the third person by showcasing the customer’s voice, not the company’s rendition of the customer story.



Customer Journey
A Gartner client shares their experiences and advice working with Gartner and one of their key analysts.

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