CustomerX Con 2020

THE digital gathering designed by CustomerX Pros, for CustomerX Pros

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This virtual event series is designed for CustomerX pros in:

> Customer Marketing

> Customer Experience

> Customer Advocacy

> Customer References

> Customer Engagement

> Customer Relationships

This is a “YouConference”, an innovative event model that brings together a passionate group of attendees in advance to determine the topics, design the formats, and deliver the sessions, so the experience will be exactly what you need to succeed.

Meet the team of CustomerX pros designing this event:

Learn from and network with your peers:

You told us you don’t want sales pitches, inspirational speeches, celebrities, or boring PowerPoints.
So each attendee will indicate the topics and issues they want to discuss with peers at the conference, and our AI app will bring you together in:

Targeted Matchmaking

Activities that make it easy for you to identify and get to know others dealing with the same issues.

Lightning Talks

Senior CustomerX pros give 15 minute talks on how they’ve successfully taken on the specific issue.

Focused Roundtables

Roll up your sleeves with fellow CustomerX pros to come up with new ideas for solving a big issue.

Agenda Topics

Session and networking activities cover the most important issues we face as senior CustomerX pros:

We can get so busy responding to tactical requests for customer stories and references that we lose sight of the opportunities to impact our company’s strategic growth initiatives. Yet that’s where our work will be noticed. Questions we’ll cover:
– What kinds of strategic growth initiatives can we impact by mobilizing customers and their voice?
– How do we connect ourselves and our customer programs to those strategies and growth initiatives.
– What levers can we move to prove the value of customer engagement and voice to our senior executives and board?
– How do I not get buried in tactical requests which keep me from being more strategic?

It takes time to build a highly effective customer program. It takes incremental steps. A group of senior CustomerX pros have pooled their experiences to build a maturity model for our customer programs, which they will present at the conference. Questions we’ll cover:
– What are the stages in the maturity model?
– What questions do I need to answer to plot my current placement in the maturity model?
– How does our management of people, process, and technology advance at each stage?
– What are the guideposts for moving from one stage to the next?

When done well, Customer Marketing is one of the most important roles in any organization. It can offer career advancement within the function, and to executive positions. Questions we’ll cover:
– What do career paths in Customer Marketing look like?
– What mindset and behaviors do I need to advance my standing within Customer Marketing?
– How do I show people I’m recruiting from other functions that there’s market demand for this role?
– No one goes to college to get a degree in this, how and why do people make their way into it?
– What types of certifications are available, and how useful are they?

It takes a village to do Customer Marketing well. We sit at the intersection of Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Products, and IT…and we can’t succeed without their participation. Questions we’ll cover:
– How do we socialize and operationalize what we do throughout the organization given that it plugs into so many functions?
– How can we get engagement and collaboration from other departments?
– How should we be the voice of the customer and infuse a customer-first mindset into our organizations?
– What are ways we can overcome inertia and resistance to change?

We all know that customer communities can be powerful, but when it comes to the intersection of customer marketing, support, and online and offline communities, there is still a lot of fog in many organizations. As customer marketers or CS professionals, we have an opportunity to clear that fog and leverage both online and offline communities to drive real value for our customers and our business. But how do we get there? Questions we’ll cover:
– What does “community” really mean and what types of community engagement are beneficial to customers and to the company?
– How do you decide between creating communities on social platforms like Facebook vs. a private “walled-garden” community?
– What are some strategies to tie both online and offline communities like user groups, CABs, etc. together?
– How do you (or do you?) incentivize community participation?

The “Challenge-Solution-Result” case study has been used for more than half a century. The testimonial video for decades. Should we continue to assume these are the only ways to tell customer stories? What makes a customer story effective? Questions we’ll cover:
– Who are the audiences for our stories and what does each audience want to hear?
– Our executives want stories with hard ROI but our customers won’t give it. What value can they have without metrics?
– How should we think about different types of stories for different desired outcomes and audiences?
– How can we have customers tell their own story, in the first person, at scale?

We’ve all seen the MarTech Landscape diagram with over 7,000 vendors. Technology is critical to scale our customer programs, but can also be a nightmare. Questions we’ll cover:
– What does the MarTech Landscape for Customer Marketing look like?
– Which tools are transformational, which are nice-to-have, and which don’t yield any benefits?
– How well do the systems play together, and what are the critical integrations?
– How should I navigate the redundancies, and the inevitable consolidation?
– How close can I get to being able to enter data once and use it everywhere?

CAB’s are one of the most visible and trusted ways to infuse customer voice into our organizations, but they take an immense amount of care and feeding to make the beneficial to the customers and our companies. Questions we’ll cover:
– I’ve been asked to start a CAB, where do I start? (Hint: Start with Why)
– Who are the right types of customers to invite to my CAB?
– What makes a killer CAB meeting experience?
– How do I keep CAB members engaged with each other and with the company between annual meetings?
– How do I ensure that the insights we get from our CABS don’t end up on the shelf next to our customer sat data?

Too many customer programs sound like this: “We beg our customers to do favors for us, and we give them rewards in exchange.” This will never scale. Questions we’ll cover:
– What factors REALLY motivate our customers to participate in our programs?
– How are we getting customers to participate in our programs and share their voice?
– How do we know what things customers like to do the most, and give them opportunities to do those things?
– How do we manage permissions, legal/contractual agreements for what customers can do, and ensure we honor those restrictions?

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