CustomerX Con 2021

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This Year's Theme: Better Together

November 2 – 3, 2021
District Hall, Boston, MA


COVID UPDATE: We will be following the City of Boston requirement that face masks be worn in all indoor public settings except when actively eating or drinking. We also request that all attendees are fully vaccinated.

THE conference and networking event designed by CustomerX Pros, for CustomerX pros in:

> Customer Marketing

> Customer Experience

> Customer Advocacy

> Customer References

> Customer Engagement

> Customer Relationships

Meet the team of CustomerX pros who are determining the topics, designing the formats, and delivering the sessions:

Check out these great session topics and leaders

Session Leaders:
Jeff Ernst
Howard Fields

Opening Session: Better Together

Executive perspectives on how and why Customer Marketing must do more than just collaborate with other departments, they must work seamlessly with everyone in the company in 2022 and beyond to orchestrate deeper customer-to-customer, customer-to-company, and customer-to-market engagement.

Session Leaders:
Alison Bukowski

Talk their Talk -The Multiple Languages of Customer Advocacy

How to Become an Expert Translator to Report Success, Gain Resources and Meet your Needs

Sales speaks sales. Marketing speaks marketing. Product speaks…well, you get the picture. Even executive leadership speaks its own language. And it is our job to not only understand each language, but become fluent enough to advocate for our programs, efforts and strategy in the language that our internal stakeholders understand. In this master class session, Alison Bukowski, Director of Customer Advocacy for Menlo Security, will focus on the hot buttons for several internal stakeholders–from reporting and metrics, to generating leads and helping customers connect). Together, we will dive into the key initiatives, while also translating that to the work that we’re doing every day. Once we start speaking the right language, we remove roadblocks, gain buy-in, have more successful meetings, and start engaging customers in meaningful ways (and ways in which they want to be engaged).

Session Leaders:
Lauren Turner

Improv Meets Customer Marketing: Improvisational Skills for Better Teamwork and Relationship Building

Improv is so much more than offbeat comedy–it’s an art form that uses a foundation of skills that can be applied in just about any situation: active listening, pivoting, teamwork, and empathy. This interactive workshop will have you learning the fundamentals of improv for better teamwork and relationship building-with both colleagues and customers–and having lots of fun in the process!

Session Leaders:
Connie Wong
Brian Gladstein

Garnering Executive Support at Every Stage of your Program

Garnering Executive Support at Every Stage of your Program: To get a customer advocacy program off the ground, you need both someone to champion it and an executive to sponsor and support it. In this session, we’ll present both sides of igniting an advocacy program that can have a huge impact across the company. Connie will talk about how she made the business case for the program. Brian will shed light on how executives decide whether to sponsor new initiatives when marketing teams are already stretched thin.

Session Leaders:
Kim Plank

Dominate Your Markets with Customer Voice Firepower

This session is designed to empower vendors and their partners with robust customer voice marketing content. You will learn how to leverage a comprehensive Customer Voice strategy that goes along with the Product Marketing Bill of Materials (BoM) that will help you differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

Session Leaders:
Jeff Ernst and executives from:
Gartner Peer Insights
IT Central Station

The Future of Peer Reviews

Join us for an engaging panel discussion with senior executives from TrustRadius, G2, Gartner Peer Insights, and IT Central Station, who will answer questions like:

  • How do peer reviews influence different types of buyers today and how do you see that changing in the future?
  • What are the essential components that Customer Marketers must include in their peer review strategies?
  • What does the future look like for peer reviews and the sites?

Session Leaders:
Deena Zenyk
Liz Richardson

Bite-Size Engagement for the Picky Advocacy Eater

Serving up a grand buffet of activities and benefits to your customer rockstars but unsure what to cook up for your more finicky fans? Dedicated customer advocacy programs feed the healthy appetite of your most engaged customers but leave the majority unfed. It’s time to think beyond members-only dining experiences and tap into the potential of bite-sized advocacy.

In this session, advocacy connoisseurs Deena Zenyk and Liz Richardson, will share their secret sauce for:

🍱 Thinking beyond traditional advocacy programs – time for new dishes

🍱 Meeting advocates where they’re at – no reservation required

🍱 Serving up a sushi-style conveyor belt of appetizing opportunities for your more reluctant eaters

Come hungry!

Session Leaders:
Tim Newborn
Barbara Thomas

White Glove Service Battles – Who will Win?

The “gloves” come off when Tim vs BT enter the ring and start throwing punches debating the vales of white glove services in customer advocacy. What is “White Glove Services”? “White glove” is a phrase used to describe excellence in care, service or attention. White glove delivery service is a method of providing products and services that need more attention. Watch and listen while they go 3 rounds toe to toe on in a lively debate on topics covering:

  • Should you provide white glove services to all levels for support? Is there a dollar cut off? Is there a supported service cut off? Self-service set up on some functions.
  • Best practices, training, transparency, communications, FAQ, how to videos
  • Scalability – insights on tech vs human efforts and utilization

Group Therapy Breakout Session 1

We will break out into 5 or 6 teams to discuss critical Customer Marketing topics that are nominated by you.

Session Leaders:
Shelby Dunlap

The Role of Voice of Customer in Category Creation

Category creation is both incredibly difficult and incredibly rewarding. Creating a new market requires identifying and satisfying a problem in a new way that can’t be done with any existing solution. The best way to get your message into the market? Through your customers. Bringing your message into the market happens through BIG thinking, swift execution, and activating customers in creative ways that validate a category is forming.

In this session, Shelby Dunlap, Sr. Manager Customer Marketing and Community at Clari , the revenue operations leader, will share the indicators to look for that a category is forming and how to activate your customers during the key ‘moments that matter’ to participate as thought leaders, advocates, and evangelists in the new movement. Topics will cover:
  • Building ‘voice of customer’ into brand and GTM strategy
  • Developing customers as thought partners and advisors in category creation
  • Creative plays to deliver distinct, and memorable customer campaigns
  • Measuring success

Session Leaders:
Ursula Liff
Kyle Yantis
Channing Thomas
Mike Jeffs
Michael Sciano

What It Takes: Starting and scaling a customer voice program

Ursula, Michael, Mike, Channing and Kyle share best practices for launching new or remastered customer voice programs. This panel will discuss topics around strategic partnerships within their companies, data valuation and validation, technology dos and don’ts, third party resources, branding, and hard lessons learned. Join us for insights from true day-in-the-life practitioners.

Group Therapy Breakout Session 2

We will break out into 5 or 6 teams to discuss critical Customer Marketing topics that are nominated by you.

Session Leaders:
David Coates
Tanya Feghali

From Relationships to Revenue: How an integrated approach to campaigns and customers helped to Forter extend relationships and drive revenue

During this session, David and Tanya will outline how a strategic approach to campaigns delivered clear business impact. This session will share a number of practical key takeaways, key topics will include:

  • Setting the Scene – Building a relevant and integrated campaign that supports customers and drives results
  • Focusing on the Bigger Picture – how the team was able to work together to build a campaign that captured the customers’ imagination and supported the funnel too
  • It’s not about us! Addressing the “what’s in it for me” factor early and often!
  • Measure, Measure, Measure – understand how the team went about building clear objectives for short term and long term success
  • Maintaining the Momentum – get a sneak peek into how the team shifted from a standalone campaign into an ongoing program that’s priming the pump for all elements of marketing in 2022

Session Leaders:
Heather Pritchett

From Zero to 100: Scaling Customer Advocacy in a High Growth Company

Fast growth means rapidly changing priorities and demands. Tight interlocks with stakeholders has been one of the keys to help us scale and delivery value globally. In this session the OutSystems Customer Voice team will talk candidly about our journey and lessons learned with automation, processes and coordination with other teams that has gotten us to a company-wide recognized value driver for the business.

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