Customer Engagement

Build mutually-beneficial customer programs that offer customers opportunities to engage with each other, your company, and the market.

Acquire customers into your program
  • Empower anyone in your company to nominate customers for your programs.
  • Upload customers who are your target program members and invite them to join.
  • Manage the membership pipeline of customers through different stages, from targeted, nominated, invited, to joined.
  • Communicate the value that customers receive by participating in your programs.
  • Let customers pick and choose the types of activities they like to participate in, and those they don’t like.
  • Enable customers to select the topics they’d like to talk about with their peers and receive information about from your company.
  • Track the activities that customers participate in and score their engagement.
  • View the Engagement Dashboard for each customer to shoe their activities performed, engagement score, status, and notes.
Customer Engagement: Manage
Customer Engagement
  • Segment your customers on the fly based on their preferences, permissions and previous activities.
  • Drive customer-to-customer engagement by letting customers opt in to see each other’s interests and backgrounds.
  • Capture best practices and advanced use cases from your most experienced customers to share with the rest.
  • Push useful content from your company’s subject matter experts to customers who are interested in that topic.
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