Configure a custom domain for your SlapFive Boards

Configure a custom domain for your SlapFive Boards

By configuring a custom domain, you can make viewers of SlapFive full-page Boards feel like they are on one of your own branded web properties. Instead of having the URL of your Boards begin with ‘’, they will begin with ‘’.

Once you set up a custom domain, any viewers of your boards will be redirected to your custom domain.

The way you set up a custom domain is by creating a subdomain of your company’s domain, for example ‘’.

How to configure a custom domain

The first thing you need to do is decide is what prefix to use for your custom domain. We suggest something like ‘customer’ or ‘voice’, as in:

1. Have your IT department create a subdomain.

Once you’ve decided on the prefix to use for your custom domain, make a request to your IT folks to create a DNS record for your subdomain using the following fields:


2. If your domain has a CAA record, override the CAA record for the subdomain.

If your domain uses a CAA record to allow Certificate Authorities to issue certificates, you will need to add a CAA record to the subdomain as follows. This enables SlapFive to create and maintain the SSL certificate. 32 IN CAA 0 issue “”

3. Let SlapFive know that your CNAME record has been created.

We will create the SSL certificate and activate your subdomain in the SlapFive domain management console, then let you know when it is set up.

4. Enter your Custom Domain into your SlapFive Client Settings.

Go into Client Settings, and in the Custom Domain field, enter your custom domain, which is the Name field from your subdomain expressed as a full URL such as

5. Test the configuration.

Go to the Boards tab and open a board, make sure the Address shows your custom domain and that you don’t get any security warnings.